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Powerful TELEPROMPTER from Edu Assessment Pvt Ltd, India
Keeps News-Readers fluent and confident throughout the session
Affordability, Reliability & Simplicity.
High Quality and User-Friendly Teleprompter for Video Professionals to deliver news/speech confidentialy without any preparation.

Studio Teleprompter

Teleprompter is a State-of-the-Art solution that prompts a speaker to deliver his written speech script with the help of an electronic system without losing eye to eye contact with the audience. Using our powerful 'Teleprompter' system, the presenter directly looks into the camera/audience without looking down to his written notes and delivers his script effectively. Our powerful 'Teleprompter' is the best prompting solution that runs easily on any multimedia computer system. The feature-rich teleprompter software provides all the features and functions to control the speech as per user's convenience. Since the script scrolls down on a specially designed glass surface mounted in front of camera, the speaker can control the flow of the script including hitting a pause, take on questions and resume delivery of his speech thereby a flawless session.



USER FRIENDLY The software is easy-to-use and having the feature of user friendly management, provides the better interaction between user and software.
MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT Software supports Indian and International languages
FILE FORMAT SUPPORT Rich Text File, Text File, Native Script.
TEXT FORMATTING MS word like text formatting options are available and supports all true type fonts.
PROMPTING Mirrored and Un-Mirrored prompting, and Podium View option.
SPEED CONTROL Adjustable scrolling speed according to user's convenience.
CONTROL Keyboard and mouse control.
SCROLLING Forward & Reverse scrolling
POINTER Pointer to maintain eye contact with scrolling script.
TOP-TO-BOTTOM SCROLL This feature is designed for users that have their monitor on its head and upside down or just prefer text scrolling in from the top of the Play screen.
DUAL-MONITOR SUPPORT Content can be displayed on secondary monitor while controlling from back-end operating display.
FILE-OPTION Open, save, print and edit files in many ways.
OUTPUT WINDOW Adjustable output window position and size.
PROMPT OUTPUT FORMATTING: Increase/decrease line spacing between text line.
Background and foreground colour selection.
Setting will be saved as default for next script.
TELEPROMPTER MIRROR Highly polished, anti-reflectant beam splitting mirror with 70:30 ratio of transparency and reflection
PROMPTER STAND Professional height adjustable and glass adjustable stand with robust monitor base.

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