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Presidential Speech Teleprompter

Presidential Speech Teleprompter

Presidential Speech Teleprompter empowers speakers to deliver their speeches fluently by just looking into the transparent mirrors. Speech Teleprompter creates an illusion that presenter has memorized the speech since audience is unable to see the running script on transparent mirrors. Speaker doesn’t need to look down at his/her notes while addressing his/her audience, thus he can maintain eye-to-eye contact with his/her audience. Global leaders use Presidential Speech Prompter to address public gatherings or general assemblies. Presidential Teleprompter comprises of professional height and glass adjustable stand, prompting Software, Beam Splitting Mirrors and Monitors. Teleprompter is designed in such a way that monitor is placed on the floor in a secure monitor base, beam splitting mirror is mounted on the top of the stand with the help of stylish glass holder, splitting mirror is angled down towards the screen. Speaker reads the script on the monitor reflected in the mirror, whereas the audience only sees the transparent glass in front of the speaker. Presidential Teleprompter results in economy of time, efforts and energy while ensuring speaker-audience engagement and interactivity. It supports all Indian and International languages.

Why use Presidential Speech Teleprompter?

No need to learn script for effective, confident and accurate delivery

Eliminates need for notes, cue cards and index cards

Makes complicated speeches more fluent, consistent & effortless

Saves time & efforts in speech preparation & practice
Presidential Speech Teleprompter

Creates a most powerful speech delivery environment

Productivity Trends

Professionals/administrators and executives who used Speech Teleprompters saw a jump in their productivity.


Easy-to-use and user friendly.
Supports Indian and International languages.
Adjustable scrolling speed according to speaker's convenience.
Controls with Keyboard/Mouse/Hand-Held Controller.
Supports multiple-monitors and allows back-end control.
Professional height and glass adjustable stand with robust monitor base.

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