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Speech Prompter

speech teleprompter Speech Teleprompter is a solution that enables a presenter to address and deliver any kind of presentation in any conference room or auditorium without any practice. We have conveniently clubbed the functions of our feature-rich Speech Prompter with a specially designed State-of-the-Art Smart Podium that can help you to exploit all available features of such podium to make your presentation extraordinary for the audience. Our efforts have created a solution that ensures economy of time, efforts and energy while ensuring speaker-audience engagement, interactivity and receptivity. From the audience's perspective, the high quality prompter glass looks transparent, giving the impression that the presenter is speaking fluently and professionally without any reference. From the presenter perspective, our specialized splitter glass displays a mirror image of a pre-prepared text reflected from the prompter LCD screen at the base of the stand. The height of the stand and the angle of the prompting glass are fully adjustable to match the eye-line of the presenter. Each package includes everything you need for one Teleprompter Conference System , though they are often used in pairs, positioned on either side of a podium, providing a continuously visible script to the presenter as he pierces through the audience. Speech teleprompter has feature-rich software interface and hardware equipment. We supply the best speech teleprompter at reasonable rate in India.

Speech Prompter Key Features

User Friendly
The software is easy-to-use and having the feature of user friendly management, provides the better interaction between user and software.
Multi-Language Support
Software supports Indian and International languages.
Rich Text File, Text File, Native Script.
MS word like text formatting options are available and supports all true type fonts.
Mirrored and Un-Mirrored prompting, and Podium View option.
Speed Control
Adjustable scrolling speed according to user's convenience.
Keyboard and mouse control.
Forward & Reverse scrolling.
Pointer to maintain eye contact with scrolling script.
Top-to-bottom Scroll
This feature is designed for users that have their monitor on its head and upside down or just prefer text scrolling in from the top of the Play screen.
File Options
Open, save, print and edit files in many ways.
Dual-Monitor Supports
Content can be displayed on secondary monitor while controlling from back-end operating display.
Text Search and Replace.
Output Window
Adjustable output window position and size.
Prompt output formatting :
1. Increase/decrease line spacing between text line.
2. Background and foreground colour selection.
3. Setting will be saved as default for next script.
Teleprompter Mirror
Highly polished, anti-reectant and clear class specially designed and customised as per user requirements.
Prompter Stand
Professional height adjustable and glass adjustable stand with robust monitor base.