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Presidential Teleprompter

Smart Orator® EAPL-SP08

Powerful Speech Prompter from Edu Assessment Pvt Ltd., India
Keeps you fluent and confident throughout your speech
Robust, Reliable & Simple-to-Use. Portable and User-Friendly Speech Prompter enables user to address large gatherings while maintaining eye-to-eye contact with audience

Smart Orator® EAPL-SP08 Presidential Speech Prompter

Smart Orator® is a presidential speech prompter that enables a presenter to address and deliver any kind of presentation in any conference room or auditorium without any practice. We have conveniently clubbed the functions of our feature-rich Presidential Speech Prompter with a specially designed State-of-the-Art Smart Podium that can help you to exploit all available features of such podium to make your presentation extraordinary for the audience. Our efforts have created a solution that ensures economy of time, efforts and energy while ensuring speaker-audience engagement, interactivity and receptivity. From the audience's perspective, the high quality prompter glass looks transparent, giving the impression that the presenter is speaking fluently and professionally without any reference. From the presenter perspective, our specialized splitter glass displays a mirror image of a pre-prepared text reflected from the prompter LCD screen at the base of the stand. The height of the stand and the angle of the prompting glass are fully adjustable to match the eye-line of the presenter. Each package includes everything you need for one Teleprompter Conference System , though they are often used in pairs, positioned on either side of a podium, providing a continuously visible script to the presenter as he pierces through the audience. Speech prompter has feature-rich software interface and hardware equipment. We supply the best speech prompter at reasonable rate in India.

Smart Orator® EAPL-SP08 Specifications

Speech Teleprompter Comprises of 2 nos. of Telescopic height adjustable Stands, 2 nos. of Beam Splitting Mirrors, Script Controller, 2 nos. of Monitors and Software
Height Adjustable Mettalic Stand Minimum Stand height (without mirror): 105cm
Maximum Stand height (without mirror): 180cm
Height Locking System Type Lever
Beam Splitting Mirror Transparency ratio: 70:30
Mirror Thickness: 12" x 10"
Edges of the Mirror: Round
Monitor Holder Metallic - Closed Box Type
Monitor Size 18.5"
Monitor Brightness (cdm2) 501 & above
VGA Port 1
HDMI Port 1
BIS Registration under CRS of Meity for Monitor Yes
BIS Registration number and it's validity R-41083984
Horizontal Tilt (Degree) 360
Vertical Tilt (Degree) -90 to 30
Water leveler for Mirror Orientation Yes
Glass Holder knobs Stainless Steel
Portability of system Yes
USB script controller availablity Yes
Modular Carry Case with wheels availability Yes
Additional Subsystem Connectivity Support 1
All Hardware Parts should be powder coated, wherever applicable Yes
Software (Licensed) Yes
Software Installable on Multi System
Text File Format Word/Text/RTF
Language Support Indian and Foreign both
Word Formatting/Word Processor Options Yes
Run Preview Option Yes
Scrolling Speed Adjustment Yes
Autorun Speed adjustment Yes
Script prompting Mirrored Yes
Script prompting un-mirrored Yes
Script prompting Flip-Text Yes
Inbuilt Text Editor Yes
Script queuing Yes
Keyboard Speed Control Yes
Shortcut List/ Bookmarks creation Yes
Script progress Bar/Tag Yes
Intallation and training shall be included in the scope of supply Yes
On site Warranty 3 year

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